Accommodation and Respite Care
We Offer the Perfect Accommodation That You Can Think Of
In our accommodation support program, we assess your requirements and find the place that will work for you. However, during the search, we consider the location so that you can keep in touch with your friends and family members. Furthermore, the accommodation will be close to the local community, and where public transport is easily available.

The properties that we offer are accessible and functional. However, they can be modified as per your requirements. They are also equipped with a shared computer and have Wi-Fi access. In these properties, you will always have our assistants to serve you overnight and in sleepover shifts.

Our accommodation services include participants under:

Supported Independent Living (SIL) : If you want to live independently in your own or a shared space, you should connect with us since our properties are functional, accessible and comfortable. Here, you can live alone, without being dependent on anyone. Or, you can live with another participant.

In these properties, you will get assistance with daily personal tasks and other activities from our support workers.

Short Term Accommodation (STA) : If you are looking to spend a short time in a property away from your home or the facility, you can spend a few days in a property of your choice. All you need to do is connect with us and tell us your preferences so that we can arrange the accommodation with you with complete support.

Since you are under NDIS, you might be funded up to 14 days by the authorities for STA.

Medium Term Accommodation : To live at a place for medium term duration, you can try out our housing solutions.

We provide accommodation for up to 90 days, especially if you are waiting for your disability related supports. Also, the other factor that we consider before providing you with the accommodation is whether you have a confirmation for a long term housing plan.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) : If you have high level of functional impairment and want an accommodation that will be designed to suit your needs, get in touch with us since we can arrange this type of properties. They are safe, more accessible and help you to accomplish your goals better.

These houses can accommodate more than one person. That means these are shared homes.

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