Specialised Support Coordinator
Specialised Support Coordinators

Providing care and support to individuals living with disabilities is not anybody’s task. It asks for a specialised, focused and methodical approach that will address every daily need of these individuals. That’s why, you must look for the best-specialised Support Coordinators who can provide the needed support to help participants lead a life of self-esteem, dignity and independence.

Envision Healthcare is the best name to turn to for seamless specialised support coordination. With some of the most qualified and experienced care specialists, we are next to none, in terms of perfection, care, compassion and professionalism.

With years of experience, and after having served a number of participants with varying disabilities, mental setup and limitations, we are the most trustworthy specialised support coordination providers in Victoria.

What Roles Do our Specialised Support Coordinators play?

The most important role that our specialised Support Coordinators in Victoria includes assistance in:

  • Managing every available resource in a more effective way to ensure an optimal outcome
  • Working with the other caregivers in the support circle for meeting the objectives of the NDIS plan
  • Monitoring the progress of the goals
How does the process work?
Startup NDIS can be a challenge for many. However, our support coordinators will guide the participants throughout the entire system. They will assist the participants how to manage the support services that are available.
Engage To start with, the provider will familiarise the prospective participant with the NDIS plan. The current situation of the participant will be assessed and the appropriate plan will be implemented to ensure that the objectives of the participants’ lives are properly met.
Implement Then the plan will be implemented methodically, so that it meets the daily bespoke needs of the participants. While implementing the plan, the coordinator will be able to develop a unique program, which will address the specific needs and desires of the participants.
MonitorOnce the plan is in place and the resources, the support and the services are established, the coordinator will monitor the progress and the goals and needs of the lives of the participants, and any change thereof.

Thus you see, our coordinators serve the participants in a very elaborate and precise way for the best results.

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