Non-NDIS participants
All-Inclusive Assistance for Non-NDIS Participants

Are you a non-NDIS participant and require disability support? Envision Healthcare provides comprehensive assistance to people of all ages experiencing physical impairments. So, even if you are not under the scheme, you will get the help that you need to live comfortably.

Our support workers are qualified and experienced. They can determine the problems that a disabled person faces while accomplishing day to day tasks. To understand these better, they will communicate with you and your family members. After that, they will tailor the support program to provide better assistance. However, if your loved one facing physical impairments is a kid, they will optimise the support even more to make his or her life convenient.

Disability Services That We Offer for Non-NDIS Participants
Our disability support package for non-NDIS participants, is covers many areas that include

Personal Care If you are disabled and not under NDIS, you will get the same level of personal care that the participants under the scheme get.

Our trained and experienced professionals will help you with hygiene maintenance, showering, toileting, meal preparation, managing continence, and other household tasks. They will also administer medicine, help manage pain, etc. if you are sick.

Kids Activities If your loved one is a child and facing disabilities, we will arrange several activities to keep them physically and mentally fit.

These include indoor and outdoor games and basic training where they will learn to use disability equipment accurately and be able to accomplish certain tasks without support.

Domestic Support From helping you to keep your home clean, to washing clothes, preparing meals, changing the bed to laundry management, our disability support workers will help you with all these tasks. Besides, they will also help you travel to places and attend community events.
High Support In this type of support, you will get assistance with bowel care, wound management, catheterisation, tube feeding, etc. as a disabled person. So, if you are looking for an organisation that can help you with these tasks, you have us right here.
Social Assistance As a disabled person, if you require help with community participation, attending classes, meeting new friends, etc. Envision Healthcare will help you lead a happy and comfortable life.
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